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At Bakersfield Limo Service it's all about YOU...

You are the Hollywood star, King, or Princess for the night.

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YES! Bakersfield Limo Services is OPEN during these crazy times.

We are taking ALL necessary precautions to keep everyone safe including
sanitizing and disinfecting our vehicles
before every ride AND
wearing masks and gloves

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When you search for a Limousine Near Me in Bakersfield...

You are offered the finest limousines in the industry.

Your limo is meticulously detailed, ultra modern, and maintained with the ultimate care.

You will be more than satisfied with our low fair prices.

Your driver is super safe and completely courteous.

You can direct your limo anywhere...

You get picked up and dropped off ON TIME, EVERY TIME...


  • Free drinks with every rental.
  • Multi-Hour Discounts: The more hours you book, the less each hour costs.
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed.
Bakersfield Limo ServicesBakersfield Limo Services

Limo Service, Bakersfield, CA...

That's right...We're a LOCAL independent company.

We're not held back or chained down by silly rules passed down by some big wig in New Jersey.

We live here. We work here. We make our own decisions.

And that means we're able to provide custom service to you and the residents of Bakersfield with ease.

Serving ALL of Kern County including Delano, Taft, Tehachapi, Mojave, Ridgecrest, California City, Rosamond...PLUS Porterville, AND BEYOND!

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Get a limousine near me in Bakersfield, CA for any transportation you need...

  • Airport Shuttle Service Ride
  • LAX and back
  • Prom
  • Wedding
  • Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties
  • Quinceaneras
  • Fine Dining
  • Nights On The Town
  • Concerts
  • Sporting Events
  • Graduation
  • Casinos
  • Wine Tours



The first vehicles to ever have air conditioning units were limousines in 1939.  The AC units were extremely expensive and so large they would take up half of the trunk space.


Black Tie Limousine Rental

Pulling up to a black-tie corporate event in a pristine limo is an experience that everyone should grab a chance to enjoy. Limousines scream luxury and high-end living like no other vehicle can.

The good news is, you can now enjoy a limousine rental for a night and impress the other guests in style. It’s not all about exteriors; it’s also about comfortable beautiful interiors and sprawling roomy space. 

Want to hire a limo service for a night? Bakersfield Limousine Service is at your beck and call. We have been renting out luxurious limos to Bakersfieldians for many many years in Kern County and have a long list of satisfied limousine rental clients.

From red carpet dining events to music concerts and wedding parties, a sleek limo to transport you to your desired location in style is just one click away.

Contact us now to request a quote. 

5 Reasons To Choose Bakersfield
Limo Service For Your Next Important Outing...

Limo Service

1.  You Are Our #1 Priority

Like Bakersfield Jam fans on a Friday night we chant, “You're #1 !”.

You'll be treated like...

  • King George Straight on his way to perform a Bakersfield concert
  • Hollywood starlet Jennifer Lawrence on her way to a movie premiere, or
  • Princess Catherine Middleton on her wedding day (well, we don't have the budget of the Queen but we'll get as close as we can).

Bakersfield Limousine Service

2.  YOUR Schedule Is OUR Schedule

We'll be there when we say we'll be there...

Rain or shine. Hot or foggy. Tuesday afternoon or Saturday night.

Whether you want a limo rental day or night we'll be ready to get you to your event in a timely and classy manner.

Like the Nist F-2 Atomic Clock, we're always on time.

Bakersfield Limousine

3.  Our Top Flight Limo Fleet

Real. Clean. Limousines.

We are excruciatingly meticulous about the appearance and condition of our vehicles at Bakersfield Limo Services.

No matter what the previous passengers ate, drank, or spilled, you can be confident that your ride will be clean and fresh.

So detailed in our Bakersfield limo service that Buck, Merle, and the boys from Korn, have nothing to complain about.  (R.I.P. Buck and Merle)

Bakersfield California Limo

4.  Always The Most Courteous and Safest Drivers

Your driver is so focused on the road, NASCAR wants him back. It's not that he drives fast, it's that he drives with PRECISION AND CARE.

Our drivers' records are checked like a NASA flight list. Only the most professional and responsible chauffeurs need apply.

Regardless of the type of event or occasion, you can feel confident that you'll get to your destination relaxed and comfortable in your limo rental.

Bakersfield, CA

5.  Prices You Can Brag About

“WOW, that's a great deal!”, is what we're used to hearing.  And our goal is that you'll be saying it too.

Our entire fleet, whether it's a stretch limo, roomy SUV, muscled up Hummer, or the fun-time party bus, are incredibly affordable. All prices are fair beyond fair.

Your Bakersfield Limousine Service
Bakersfield, California

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